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I'm Marianne, the writer/creator of SugarFoot Designs.  I live in California with my husband Joshua and two beautiful little girls: Luxy & Demeris.  This year I have had the great adventure of being a stay at home momma, and boy what an adventure it has been! When I'm not at home with my girls you can find me in the classroom fostering the brilliant young minds of our next generation! In September I will go back to teaching elemenatry school full-time.

SugarFoot Designs is a fun little blog focused on parenting, cooking, baking, crafting, & party planning. This site touches on all things easy, great recipes, bridal/baby showers, kid's birthdays, and some random things thrown in for fun!

Why I love to blog/share with others
 As a mom and a busy one at that I find I don't have the luxury to sit around and read magazines and books to gather all my inspiration like I used too.  I fell into love with the blog world while helping to plan a bridal shower for a cousin. The blogs I came across had so many great ideas, tips and tutorials. I knew I had a lot of these things too on my own, just waiting to be shared! I love giving people a great idea or passing along inspiration to help fuel their own creativity.  

Please enjoy SugarFoot Designs, and don't hesitate to email me with any questions, comments, feedback to sugarfootdesigns@gmail.com. You can also follow SugarFoot Designs or become a fan on facebook.

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