Saturday, April 21, 2012

{Theme Party} Beauty Bar

For the table center piece I spray painted cardboard letters of our name CROWS with black glitter paint and used a black table cloth for the table.
  Well Hellloooo! I could start this post with a whole laundry list of excuses as to why I haven't posted a single thing in 2012, but I think I will just stick with getting you this great party idea!  The women in my husbands family have created a sorority of sorts.  We take turns hosting get-togethers that are not focused on weddings, babies, or holidays.  We meet without the "guys", and talk girl talk.  It's amazing to have such a great female support system and be related to them all! We have a hierarchy order, and themes for each party. The latest one I hosted.  The them was Crow Beauty Bar.  Yes, we call ourselves the CROWS, it works for our family! 

For this event we had the ladies dig through their bathrooms for unused samples of things they have gotten in makeup purchases, etc.  They brought them to the party and deposited them in the appropriate containers.  We also said if they wanted to bring nail polish they weren't in love with to swap that was good too.  
Beauty Bar set up
Containers were provided for perfume samples, hair, make-up, body, face, etc.  I purchased nail files, and individual nail polish remover packets for everyone as well.  These were put in containers at the bar.  I found these cute tag templates online and printed them out, and tied them on containers with a pink ribbon.  

For containers I used all sorts of short and round vases, and mason jars! They worked perfect and I already had them on hand.  

I made up brown shopping bags for everyone, so that when they went "shopping" at the beauty bar they had a place to keep their new samples and items from the beauty exchange.

On top of all the fun samples that everyone took home, I had these little "Keep Calm and Crow on" signs made and framed for a party favor! It was a great night and we had lots of fun! It was super easy and very inexpensive! 

Hope you enjoyed this party idea....Follow me...I promise I'll post more if you comment and follow! hahah

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  1. What a cute idea!! I miss seeing you around here xoxo....Paula


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