Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Theme Day!

  I am so excited to start this series! Every week I will showcase a real party with a fun theme! I love theme parties and if you think about it every event or party that is held has an underlying theme even if not intentional.  It can be determined by the food you serve, the colors of your plates and napkins, the type of drinks you make, your invitations, or flowers, or decorations! How deep the theme and prominent it is depends on how much you carry it through your party.  I love that it can be way over the top, or just a little tiny hint of something.  This year I held a Carnival Charity Birthday party for my daughters 4th birthday! It was a huge success and a major time sucker.  I worked so hard, I was dreaming about carnivals for weeks!  So for my little ones 1st birthday this past March I knew I wanted a fun theme, but I didn't want to get as carried away as I did for the carnival theme.  I mean one is a big milestone, but it's more for family and friends. I wanted my energy to go into 3 specific areas: the food, the smash cake, the favors! I was really busy holding and chasing after my little girl, that I didn't get as many photos as I had hoped, but please enjoy what I have!

When guests walked in they were asked to sign a Guestbook that I made of her first year.  They flipped through to find a pictre of them with my daughter and wrote her wishes on that page! I amde the book through Costco photo.

Lunch sacks for the kids! Trail Fixin's included: Star shaped PB &J,  
Golden Nuggets (Pirate Booty),
and mixed Fruit salad, & Juice Box

For food the kids had Trail Sack Lunches, but the adults had a chili bar with all the fixins, a green salad, and cornbread muffins! To drink we had bottles of root beer, Ice-tea, and adult Spirits!

The Best part was the desserts! I didn't wanted a huge dessert table to take away from the main event: the CAKE!! After all that is the best part of a one year olds party, am I right??

This was the cake for all to eat! I had it custom made from a french bakery close by called Savoire Faire.  It was so good and it was beautiful!

The Smash Cake below!!
I wanted her to have a cake she could just go for, with really soft icing. So I made this 2 tier tiny circle cake for her from scratch.

I also made these delicious Cowgirl Cookies from Bakerella and Pecan "Deme" Pie bars! They were a huge hit!  The Pecan bars were also bagged up for favors for the adults.  

For the kids favors I ordered bandannas in Brown and pink and  and filled them with western themed trinkets from Oriental trading...The kids loved them!

They also got a lead picture drawing kit! Remember these? They were so much fun and huge hit! Even with the adults!

Of course no party is complete without some sort of photo-op! This cute photo board was from Oriental Trading!

I think the birthday girl had fun! Her sister for sure did! Just not sure she was so crazy about the hat I made her wear!! haha!

Happy First Birthday sweet Girl!!

***If you great theme party idea or one that you hosted and would like to be featured on Tuesday theme Day, please send submission with 5-8 medium size photos to sugarfootdesigns@gmail.com

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  1. Very cute party(and kids:))! I really love the cake!


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