Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Preschool Gift Idea

Remember me?
I am the lovely lady who is supposed to creatively fill this little blog, and I have not been doing my job. 
I went on a little trip and checked out on anything and everything.
I do apoligize, and life is short, so there you go.
I'm sure you understand.
Instead of Muffin Monday I thought I would show you what I threw together for my daughter to give her preschool classmates for Easter.  Yes, it has sugar, and no I don't feel bad.  I usually opt for pencils or other non sugary treats, but not this time. My daughter loves jelly beans and I could not deny her very persistant request to give out jelly beans so here is what I came up with, the whole thing cost less than $5 toal! Can't beat that for 17 little gifts!

I found plastic small easter eggs at Target (.69 cents for bag of 12)
A bag of Sweettarts Egg Filler Jelly Beans on sale for $3.00, contains about 20 pouches individual easter egg gift for all her friends, filled with her favorite candy.
This is very plain though my crazy, have to make things complicated brain, kept nagging at me.
So we came home and I came across these awesome free printables at Catch My Party! They have tons on their site, all free!!! click here for the ones I used.
So I printed the round party labels out on sticker paper and we did this...

I am taking off again this week, for a family Easter vacation.  I will be back with new, exciting, and fresh posts after Easter.  Have a wonderful week and Easter Day!


  1. Way to go~cute and easy! Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Thank you for sharing. Wonderful post. I appreciate it.


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